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CD samplers
Benjamin Wolf
Tree of Life
Prayer and Songs
without Words
Rhian Samuel
Light and Water
2 min clip of Gemma playing MACIEJ ZIELINSKI's
Concello for Cello and String Orchestra in rehearsal. Katowice, June 2019.

Leonore Piano Trio records Jahann Peter Pixis
Pixis Piano Trio

Available from 29th December on Hyperion Records (Downloads - mp3, ALAC, FLAC / CD)

The Leonore Piano Trio present their Taneyev & Rimsky-Korsakov: Piano Trios - sampler
Interview with Tim Horton (piano) - 5 min
Edouard Lalo: Piano Trios - Leonore Piano Trio - 5 min Taster

Mendelssohn Piano Trio in D min Op.49 played by Gemma,
Leos Cepicky (violin) and Michael Dussek (piano) Recorded 4 March 2008.
Part 1 (9:36min)
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